Located in the German city Essen, the Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex is a historic industrial coal mining site that is identified as one of the world heritage sites. The site was founded in the year 1847 and the process of coal mining in the complex took place for 135 years before decommissioning in 1986. The Complex is a leading example of the heavy industrial development that was taking place in the 19th and 20th century in Europe. Some of its components include the railway lines, pits, pit heaps, coking plants, as well as the miners’ housing. Its exceptional nature comes from the fact that the design concepts of the structure are perfect examples of Modern Movement in the world of architecture.

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During the years that this complex was operational, Shaft XII was the most modern and largest facility for coal mining in the world. The shaft’s design was influenced by Bauhaus and this makes it a centre for culture and art as well as a key representation of modern industrial architecture. Martin Kremmer and Fritz Schupp are the two architects who were involved in the creation of the outstanding industrial complex and this happened between the year 1927 and 1932. The structure has a harmonious combination of red brick facades which are composed in a framework made of steel. Its paragon of geometry and symmetry gives it an amazing aesthetic appeal. The industrial significance as well as repurposing of the complex is usually done by the Zollverein Foundation since 1998.