The mine Westfalen in Ahlen dates from the early 20th century, on the initiative of some local manufacturers, who had formed a community of interests. After 1901, the area of the peasantry Rosendahl in mineral exploration coal reserves were discovered, was led until 1907 by a further 33 deep wells. On February 1, 1909 began with the sinking of the shafts 1 and 2. At the same time the necessary infrastructure (roads, colliery railway, mine own brickyard) was created.

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Affordable 3D Coal Mine Model

3D modelling is one of the most exciting careers to pursue. Like all creative pursuits, your expertise will be determined by the amount of practice that you invest in your craft. This is why 3D building models are so important. They provide you with a ‘sandbox’ that your modelled characters can interact with. Building a complete model on your own is an exhausting task for accomplished 3D artists. It is almost impossible for those who are still perfecting their art.

For these reasons, it makes more sense for you to work with a fully designed model. The Westphalia colliery, a German coal mining site is one of the most suitable models for you to practice your skills on. This guide will provide background information about the site, its 3D model features and where you can affordably purchase the model.

The Westphalia Mine: A background

Westphalia is a region in Germany that is recognized as one of the historical centres of industrial excellence. The area had a very robust manufacturing industry due to the rich mineral deposits, especially iron ore, around the region. In 1901, rich coal deposits were discovered within the region. This news was very welcome since, in the 20th century, coal was the fuel used in almost all industrial processes.

Seeing the savings that they would get from mining their own coal, rather than buying from nearby regions, the manufacturers in Westphalia pooled together their resources to construct the colliery. The colliery’s main purpose was to efficiently extract and process the identified coal deposits.

The construction began in 1907 and five years later in 1912, it had already become operational. Apart from the main structures facilitating the administrative and coal mining activities at the mine, roads, railways, and other amenities were added. The mine was abandoned in 1985 when petroleum became the affordable and environmentally friendly fuel option.

The 3D Model specifications

The 3D model, available at, is a faithful recreation of the Westphalia colliery as it was during its heyday in the mid 20th century. It includes the mining shafts, the systems involved in coal extraction, offices, storage spaces, the railroad system as well as the iconic towering head frame.

You can use all the internal and external spaces in the model, and it is built to scale. Most importantly, you can download it in your preferred format once you make the purchase. Downloads are available in the 3DS, C4D, SKP and DAE formats. You can request to have the files delivered to you in another format that is not included in the provided list at no additional cost.

Why use the Westphalia MineModel?

Considering the level of detail provided, the model is quite cheap, especially when compared to other 3D building models vendors. The seller offers regular discounts and vouchers that give loyal clients free downloads on other models.

There is also a variety of 3D models to choose from, all of which are based in iconic historical and modern structures. Whether you need a 3D model for game development or video animation, you will be spoilt for choice.

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