This is a digital 3d building models of the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum, which is more commonly known as The Guggenheim. The building itself was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright and houses a growing art collection from the impressionists to contemporary pieces. The gallery was established in 1937 and is in Manhattan, New York City. It is an iconic piece of architecture recognised across the world, identifiable by the repeating ring structure around half the building. This continues inside the building making the outside space merge with the inside space as was a notable trait of Wright’s architecture.

A digital 3D model exists in a virtual 3D space. If you imagine a cube which has different co-ordinates at each corner and all the space in between can also be given an XYZ co-ordinate the 3D model exists within that space and every part of the model can be identified by it’s co-ordinate. This allows you to see all around the model, inside the crevices and space, how it looks from the bottom and top or from any other angle you choose. It is an ideal model for 3D artists, architects or for anyone interested in architecture and 3D modelling and design. (see details)

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This product is a 3D models of the Solomon R Guggenheim Museum. When purchased you will receive the 3d building models ready for immediate download in the common formats of DAE, 3DS, C4D and SKP. This will allow you to take your model into a variety of modelling software including 3D Studio Max and Google SketchUp and you can then virtually explore the 3D building model. You can sit it within a wider design space for concept art and design or you can use the model to produce a 3D print of the gallery.

The 3D building model costs $97 to purchase which will give you immediate access to download the 3D model. You can use the model in any way you like although the intellectual property and trademarks associated with the gallery including the name remains with the original right holders. When you have your 3D model you can use it as many times as you have need, although please do not share it with anyone else. Have a look at some of the other fantastic 3D building models that we have for purchase.

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