Chichen Itza is a ruin site in Mexico. It is located on the Yucatan peninsula, about 120 km east of Merida. The name is derived from the three words mouth, fountains and) itza (a Mexican tribe and means ‚At the mouth of the well of the Itza‘

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Chichen Itza
Located in the Yukatán state of Mexico, Chichen Itza was one of the largest cities of the Mayan world, thought to be home to a diverse population. This contributed to the wide variety of styles that are represented within the impressive architecture of the city.

Since 2010, the monuments and ruins of Chichen Itza have been Mexican federal property, and it is one of the most visited archaeological sites within the country, attracting over 2 million tourists a year. These numbers have been steadily increasing, as tourism has been an important factor in the region for over a century. However, you can now take advantage of 3D building models to explore this important cultural site at your own pace, allowing you to see parts that you might otherwise miss, or simply be unable to fully appreciate due to the number of other people present.

It is thought that the city was initially constructed between the years 750 and 900 AD, rising to prominence within the Mayan society after this time, when it controlled most of the surrounding area. It would later be conquered, on the second attempt, in the 1500s by Francisco Montejo The Younger.

Archaeological investigation of the ruins be can in 1875, when the first statue was excavated at the site. Since then, many more artefacts have been discovered, and the work is still ongoing. Some of these items can be found in museums around the world, but only by visiting Mexico or using a 3D model can you really experience the historic ruins themselves.

The dense centre of the city covered at least 5 square kilometres, while areas that are believed to have been residential extended much further, although exactly how far is not known. The impressive feats of the Mayans didn’t stop at just the construction of the buildings themselves, however, the land had firstly been artificially levelled, particularly around important sites such as the El Castillo and the Osario pyramids. These, and several other structures, were temples, each dedicated to one of the gods of the Maya. 3D modelling will allow you to view the intricate carvings that represent the gods, and also the glyphs that were the written language of the time. Many of these cannot presently be translated.

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