The Pantheon is situated on the Campus Martius (Field of Mars) in Rome, Italy. The temple was once a sanctuary dedicated to all the gods of Rome. It was constructed between 118 and 125 AD by Emperor Hadrian. For more than 1700 years the Pantheon was the largest dome in the world. Since 13th May 609, it has served as a Catholic church, consecrated to the Virgin Mary.

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Pantheon 3D building

The Pantheon in Rome is one of the oldest structures in the world renowned for its unique structure and antique finishes. Formerly a Roman temple and a now church, this marvellous edifice is defiantly one of the most preserved buildings in Italy thanks to Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism which is responsible for its management. The Pantheon was completed by Emperor Hadrian who dedicated it to all the gods of Rome. The building now serves as a Catholic church dedicated to St. Mary’s and the Martyrs.

Structure of the Pantheon Building

The Pantheon in Rome remains one of the oldest buildings with unreinforced concrete in the world. Standing strong to date, it is the ultimate proof of the unique works of the Roman masonry. The ancient design makes is both sophisticated and unique with high standards of durability that modern buildings cannot match.

The entrance to the building is adorned a beautiful porch brimming with large granite columns that are of Corinthian design. The porch leads to a small passage that ends up to the Rotunda which is a wide area with a circular surface. The rotunda is directly beneath a dome designed with coffers and an opening located at the centre, this is one of the features that make the Pantheon building one of the most stunning buildings.

Till to date, the Pantheon building Rome remains one of the most visited destinations with at least six Million visitors yearly. Its great ancient features with a distinct look have made it a quite admirable building with modern architectures trying to imitate its design.

The 3D model of The Pantheon Building

The Pantheon building in Rome can be quite a spectacular sight. Being one of the main tourist attraction sites in Italy, it commands respect and admiration from everyone who has had the chance to see it. With such a huge fan base, something had to be done so as to act as a daily reminder of the building’s existence. This is where the 3d building models of the Pantheon in Rome comes in. A 3D (three-dimensional) model is a physical representation of an actual structure replicated on a scale model. They can be procedural also called handmade or they can be scanned to produce the similar features as the original one.


The 3D model is an exact replica of the Pantheon building in Rome. The only difference is that the 3D model is a scale model developed by experienced and talented 3D artist with definite precision. These 3d building models come in different formats such as the CINEMA R13, 3ds Max 2010, SketchUp, Advanced Render and V-Ray. The 3D model is designed in a way such that you can feel the texture and see the materials as though you are looking at a smaller version of the exact same Pantheon building in Rome.

Pantheon building in Rome is indeed one of the scenic captivating buildings in Italy as well as the world at large. It boasts of its numerous unique features and artistry. It only makes sense if you can carry a symbol for purposes of its remembrance. The 3D model will do just that, it will act as the best way to bring the Rome experience with you and keep the picture in your mind every time you look at it.