Since 1943, this memorial in Washington has been one of America’s favourite buildings. Thomas Jefferson was the third president of the US and one of the primary writers of the Declaration of Independence. He also belonged to the Continental Congress, was the governor of Virginia, and took the role of the first US Secretary of State, amongst other accomplishments. The building itself takes on the look of a classical temple. The Greek-Roman style appearance gives it a unique look from the architecture typically constructed in the USA, making it an admirable structure.

The possibility of a free download with the help of a weekly voucher is only one reason to check out the 3D building model. This carefully constructed model was artistically and expertly created to exceed the expectations of any 3D artist. You can find more information on the 3D model and how to download it here. There is virtually no reason to pass up on the 3D model of a building so unique and rich in history.(see details)

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Jefferson Memorial in Washington: A Quality 3D Model

Rich in American history, the Jefferson Memorial’s outstanding architecture brings honour to Thomas Jefferson, a significant American Founding Father. With 3D building models designed expertly, the detail in the history and architecture of the structure is too important to pass up.

Why is the Jefferson Memorial and its 3d building model significant?

It is not only a stunning piece of architecture at first glance. From its marble and granite exterior to its carefully-planned 19-foot bronze statue sculpted uniquely by Rudulph Evans, the structure is nothing short of powerful. It is located in West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C., south of the White House; the perfect location for a memorial with such rich history. Designed by John Russel Pope and constructed by John McShain, the building is now managed by the National Park Service.

The construction of this structure was anything but simple. It faced opposition, beginning in 1938 because the Commission of Fine Arts had never accepted the designs. Additionally, many residents of Washington were not in agreement with the construction of the memorial. Despite all these challenges, construction persisted and the memorial was successfully built.

Honoring American culture, the 3D building model of the memorial is available for purchase. The model depicts the expert architecture of the building as well as an accurate representation of the breathtaking bronze statue.