The Konig Pilsener Arena, otherwise known as the football stadium Arena Oberhausen is a modern stadium that was built in the Ruhr area in 1996. The huge arena is a wonderful feat of architectural genius, which translates wonderfully to 3D Building Models.

If you download the 3D building model for the football stadium Arena Oberhausen, you will be able to fully explore the details that make up this beautiful stadium as everything has been faithfully recreated in the files, which are provided in DAE, 3DS, C4D and SKP formats. (see details)

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A prime example of the skilled nature of the model is seen in the arch of the stadium roof, perfectly redesigned to imitate the actual arena, highlighting the overall intricate nature of the 3D model. However, it is not just that specific feature which shows the craft involved in 3D models, as every other detail is beautifully restored. The Konig Pilsener branding on the front of the stadium, the circular side building next to the entrance and even the stairway complete with hand railings that lead to the main entrance are all expertly modelled, giving you an exact replica of the stadium. Even the rear of the stadium has been recreated to the exact specifications and features of the real venue!

The Arena Oberhausen is built in the Ruhr area of Germany, over a disused steelworks. It forms part of a major retail and sports development, with a food court and dedicated entertainment on the concourse level. The building has over 10,000 free parking spots, which is great as the arena is easily accessible due to its multitude of motorway connections, as well as a bus and tram stop within the area around. The arena also plays host to many other events outside of football as well, acting as one of Germany’s main venues for sporting events, concerts and ice-skating shows. The main arena, which can be configured to seat up to 12,650 or 12,000 people with a centre stage, has played host to all manner of events. These have ranged from family friendly shows such as Disney on Ice and Grease, through to giant events such as UFC 122, boxing cards and legendary musicians like Prince.

With the 3D Building Models that are available to download to replicate the football stadium Arena Oberhausen, you will be able to effectively recreate the stadium in all of its glory. As one of the foremost arenas in Europe, this is a great 3D model to add to the collection straight away.