The Cathedral of Florence started construction in 1296 with the design of Arnolfo di Cambio. It wasn’t until 1436 that the cathedral was finished. The Gothic-style cathedral was dedicated to Santa Maria del Fiore hence, its name- officially it is the Cathedral de Santa Maria del Flore. Its dome features multi-coloured marbles that give the cathedral a distinct look and feel. Filippo Brunelleschi designed the famous dome while Emilio De Fabris did the facade. The cathedral is set in Piazza del Duomo together with two other architectural marvels – Giotto’s Campanile and the Baptistery. These three attractions are part of the historic centre of Florence and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The cathedral’s dome is the largest ever brick dome, and it remains one of the biggest globally.

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History of the Cathedral

The site where the Santa Maria del Fiore was erected used to be the location of the city’s second cathedral. Because the original structure was falling apart and was becoming too small for the bludgeoning population, Arnolfo di Cambio plan enlarged upon the initial building when developing the design for the new church. Cardinal Valeriana oversaw the laying down of the first stone after the project was approved. It was estimated that the construction would take 140 years. The death of Di Cambio in 1310 meant that the building had to stall. In 1330, the discovery of Saint Zenobius‘ relics reignited interest in the cathedral. With new patronage from the Arte Della Lana, the project resumed with Giotto heading it. He enlisted help from Andrea Pisano and together, they implemented Di Cambio’s design. Giotto built the Campanile, which is one of his greatest accomplishments. Giotto died in 1337, leaving Pisano to take over the construction, which stalled again in 1348 due to the Black Death.

When the building resumed in 1349, various architects were tasked with furthering the project. The Campanile was unfinished when Giotto died, and Francesco Talenti took over until its completion. He also added the side chapels to the original design. Giovanni di Lapo Ghini took over between 1360 and 1369. By 1418, most of the church was complete except for the dome. A competition was held in August 1418 to find architects to finish the dome. Filippo Brunelleschi won over Lorenzo Ghiberti who had previously won a competition to fit the Baptistery doors. The two goldsmiths helped each other during the duration of the project. The dome was done by 1436, taking about 16 years. On March 25 1436, Pope Eugene IV consecrated the church. The cathedral’s exterior decoration, including the De Fabris facade was done in the 14th Century.

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