Download this detailed example of the 3D building models that are received instantly on purchase. This model shows the intricate 15th century architecture of the old Bremen Town Hall, which has one of the finest Gothic facades in Europe.

The original building is located in Bremen, one of the largest cities on the Weser River in northern Germany. Bremen City Hall dominates the Bremer Marktplatz, which is a huge public square where a cathedral and the parliament building can also be found. The Roland Statue has also stood in the square since 1404, in front of the city hall and facing the cathedral. The Roland Statue is a symbol of freedom and it is believed to protect the city of Bremen. (see details)

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Bremen City Hall

Bremen Town Hall was constructed as a civic building in 1405 in the Gothic style. It had two halls, a wine cellar, four towers and a walkway overlooking the square. The vast hall on the ground floor served local merchants and entertainers, and the upper hall was as spacious as the one below it. The front of the building was decorated with 16 statues of prince electors and emperors and the overall look meant the town hall was more impressive than the cathedral located in the same square as a mark of the city’s status.

During the early 1500s a three-storey extension was added to the back of Bremen City Hall to house offices. Towards the end of the same century, fuelled by a boom in Bremen’s fortunes, a large-scale modernization was started. During the first phase the windows were changed from arches to rectangular shapes. Around 1608, the second part of the transformation was carried out in the Weser Renaissance style when a decorated gable was added along with pillars and multiple reliefs.

In 2004, Bremen City Hall and the Roland statue were given UNESCO World Heritage status. The building is the only town hall in Europe that has survived from the middle ages in its original form. This building survived World War Two with little damage due to the fact it was boarded and covered by the town’s forward thinking fire brigade.

The instant download of the 3D building models shows the fine 17th century façade in all its beautiful glory along with the side and rear views. The 3D model also shows the Bremen Town Musicians, a statue featuring the donkey, dog, cat and cockerel from The Brothers Grim tale. Added to the west of the city hall in 1951, this sculpture by Gerhard Marcks, is very popular with tourists who visit this incredible square in Bremen.