Bolshoi Theatre

The Bolshoi theatre in the Centre of Moskau is one of the most recognisable buildings in the world. As a computerised 3D model, it is available in 3DS, C4D and SKP formats and is ready to be instantly downloaded. On purchasing, it includes the first of many weekly discount vouchers that enable the holder to acquire other iconic 3D buildings in this exclusive series. Each discount voucher can be redeemed for up to 100% of the 3D model’s price, enabling enthusiasts to build their own unique collection with ease.

3D Building Models

Three dimensional modelling is produced with sophisticated software to recreate a perfect scale model of the building. It provides views from multiple angles and levels and simulated guided tours to help the viewer to admire every aspect of both the interior and exterior features. The 3D modelling of the buildings in this series is of great value to 3D artists, architects, historians and travel enthusiasts.

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Bolshoi Theatre

First built in 1776 by Prince Peter Urussow, the original structure and its replacement were lost to fires, in 1812 during Napoleon’s invasion and again in 1843. The present building dates directly from the reconstruction of 1856 by Alberto Cavos. The 3D model highlights in great detail the stunning results of the painstaking restoration that was completed in 2011.

Exterior Details

The computerised 3D modelling takes the viewer on a sweeping tour of the exterior. The Neo-Classical façade with its row of stone pillars can be seen at the impressive entrance. 3D modelling techniques can add texture mapping to many surfaces including masonry to create a truly authentic image. The Bolshoi survived the turmoil of the Russian Revolution in 1917. The recent restoration has seen the double-headed eagle, symbolic of Russia’s overthrown royal dynasty, restored once more to its place above the main portico.

Bolshoi Interior

The theatre is the home of the Bolshoi ballet and opera companies who have performed on the world famous stage since the 18th Century. Download the 3D model and instantly admire the circular auditorium that has resonated over the years to the classical music of Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff. The 3D model can sweep across the tiers of balconies adorned in gilt that encircle the interior. The rich velvet textures of the curtains that festoon the individual boxes can be seen through the 3D model’s advanced imaging. The 3D model’s software can provide views of the interior from every angle allowing an appreciation of the theatre from the perspective of both the audience and the performers. The interior, including the high, circular ceiling with its central chandelier, has been fully restored to reflect its former imperial splendour. With the superb graphics of the 3D model, every detail of the theatre’s interior can be highlighted and accurately recreated. The 3D model’s instant download is fast and convenient with weekly free vouchers offering up to 100% discounts. A 3D model of Moskau’s most famous theatre could lead to an impressive collection of 3D building models.