Arc de Triomphe 3D model

Exploring the famous landmarks of Paris without the hassle of travelling there and dealing with all the crowds? Being able to take your time and fully appreciate the details, which you can view up close and for as long as you like? Sounds perfect. Using 3D building models of the Arc de Triomphe, or, to give it its full name, the Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile, you can do exactly that.

With immediate download of this 3D model, you can explore all the detail of this instantly recognisable Paris landmark. The Arc de Triomphe can be found in Place Charles de Gaulle, at one end of the equally famous Champs Élysées, where every year the Tour de France cycle race ends. At the time of its construction, which was completed in 1836, it was the tallest structure of its kind in the world, although it lost this distinction two years later to the Monumento a la Revolućion in Mexico City, which still holds the title today. (see details)

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Climbing the 50 metres to the top of the monument allows the impressive sculptures, by five noted French sculptors, to be seen. Those on the pillars and façades represent battles and victories that are important in French history, from both the Napoleonic Wars and the French Revolution. 660 names relating to those battles can also be found engraved here, mostly of generals who served during these times. Underlined names are those who were killed in battle. Figures from Roman mythology are located on the arcades, just above the curves of the arches themselves. Standing under the arch, looking up, there are 21 rose sculptures on the ceiling. Undoubtedly the easiest, and most comfortable, way to see these is on your 3D building model.

Beneath the monument itself lies the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, where an eternal flame now burns in memory of unidentified soldiers who died in both world wars. This soldier was interred there in 1920, and a ceremony is still held there every year in remembrance. Shortly after the Parisian victory parade marking the end of the First World War, French aviator Charles Godefroy flew his plane under the arches, which gives an idea of the scale of this structure. This feat has been repeated twice, in 1981 and ten years later, in 1991.

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